Re: Is TestKing Legitimate?
Date: 07/20/04

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 15:41:17 -0500

"The Poster Formerly Known as Kline Sphere" wrote in message
> Funny, I often get slated me for 'sucking' up to ms. I guess I must be
> in the middle then!

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> My only grip with microsoft is the way they have allowed their
> certification process to become meaningless.

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> Look, if you feel you or anyone else needs testking, transcenders or
> the like of in order to pass these type of exams, you really are in
> the wrong business.

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> The format of the exams is so simple that a monkey
> take the tests. If anyone feels these exams are hard, it's only
> because they do not understand the product they are being tested on.

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> If that someone does not understand the product, why on earth should
> they be allowed to become 'certified'? This whole process of mass
> producing mcp's, who do not understand even the most basic of
> concepts, is detrimental to the industry.

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> In my view testking and the
> like only add to woe's.

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> Still, you go and get your cert's however you
> see fit; I'm sure there will be many fine corporations ready to snap
> you up - however, remember there are less ms partners [of any worth]
> around these days!

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Kline, Microsoft defined certain requirements to be certified. If you meet
those requirements when taking the exam, you become certified. That's it.
The requirements are a par value, not a perfection value.

Whether or not your mighty opinion deems the certification process or its
content inadequate will never matter. How does screaming through your
bullhorn at certification candidates' lack of knowledge help increase the
value of the certification, let alone help the candidates in any way?

For example, I was kind enough to point out a few of your grammar and
spelling errors-most at the third- and fourth-grade levels, mind you-above.
But wait! *I* just decided that all MCPs should be able to form a complete
sentence. After all, I sure would not want the integrity of the MCP program
to diminish because of your inadequacies.

Therefore, since you are not one of those that *can* formulate a simple
sentence, you are utterly worthless. Not only will I declare you worthless,
but I will also perpetuate your worthlessness by publicly insulting you and
the authority by which you were certified.

I've read many of your posts, and that is about the only thing you do,
Kline. It's come to the point where I immediately feel sympathy for the
original poster whenever I see "The Poster Formerly Known As..." in the From
column of a reply-which unfortunately happens far too often.

Most everyone asking questions on this (and every other MS newsgroup)
sincerely wants to gain the skills necessary to be certified by Microsoft.
You certainly cannot learn everything overnight, and that is why
people-including myself-ask questions.

Do you remember the first time you took an MCP exam, Kline? Did you get a
perfect score because you were smarter than the <snip>monkey</snip> that
day? Unless you were already a seasoned professional, there were probably a
few curve balls, weren't there? Of the three MS exams I've had so far,
every one of them were in the "Microsoft mindset", where even though an
answer is illogical, it is still right because that's how Microsoft would do
it. Instead of wasting $100+ to learn this approach the hard way, why not
spend $35 or 50 to learn this in a safe practice setting?

> Look, if you feel you or anyone else needs testking, transcenders or the

Are you saying that these tests are braindumps?. That is why I originally
started this thread: to see if TestKing was no longer a braindump company
because they seem to have the best prices.

Where you and I differ is the whole concept of a practice exam. If
Microsoft has no problem with them, why should I? More amusingly, why
should you?

> in order to pass these type of exams, you really are in
> the wrong business.

Do you honestly believe this? I'd say that once you have finished your
training of each exam requirement, it only makes sense to simulate the real
exam. How else will you know if your training for that exam's content is
complete before moving on to more complex skills?

If you don't need practice tests, then congratulations; you are smarter than
I. However, Kline, when you condescend down on those that do want that
assurance before spending their hard-earned money, I suggest that *you* are
in the wrong business. I cannot imagine my career turning me as bitter and
cynical as yours has turned you, assuming that is one of your many sources
of rage. If this stuff is too easy for you, move on, my friend.

My point is that I (and most everyone else here) am working very hard to
meet and exceed Microsoft's standard, not yours. If I wanted to be "Mean
Certified", I would log onto your joke of a [GeoCities-hosted?...are you
serious?] website and beg for your acceptance.

I know very well that becoming an MCSD *will not* make me an immediate
expert, but it does speak volumes about my drive to align myself with the
Industry's finest...even when there are arrogant opponents that insist on me
finding another line of work.