Re: Results of 330/340 Beta????

From: UAError (null_at_null.null)
Date: 06/10/04

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 08:11:02 -0400

"Ernesto" <> wrote:

>Today i receive the MCP Flash, saying that the new exams
>will be live in June. So i went to the VUE site, and my
>results still appears with the word "taken", since is
>supossed that the results must appear before the exam
>become alive, i'd like to know if someone that used
>Prometric have his results......
>If i pass this exam, only i'll need the 306/316 to become
>a MCSD.NET (without being MCAD first....)
>Any news???

If you take a look at the code clinic's link

General information and opinions about MS beta exams

about beta exams, you will notice that exam the will go live
BEFORE the beta results are sent out.


Tim also mentions that he took the 70-300 beta on

   November 9, 2002

but didn't get the results until

   February 13, 2003

70-300 went live on

  February 10, 2003

If you're really antsy you could always mail a query to

>From MCP Flash: June 2004:

Prepare for Two Upcoming Security Exams
Review these prep guides to get ready for two
security-related exams being made available in June 2004;
both are electives to the MCAD and MCSD for Microsoft .NET
certification credential.
Exam 70-330: Implementing Security for Applications with
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
Exam 70-340: Implementing Security for Applications with
Microsoft Visual C# .NET