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From: RL \(Bob\) Coppedge, MCSE/MCT (
Date: 06/10/04

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 06:19:36 -0400

That's definitely going to be part of the second article. I don't have all
the answers (who does?) but I've never seen in writing a concise definition
of the problem.

Plus I think that most jobs are given before the ads get put up. I'm going
to talk more about the proactive steps that folks could/should (IMHO) take.

thanks for the feedback

RL (whatdoIknow) Coppedge, MCSE/MCT
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> RL (Bob) Coppedge, MCSE/MCT wrote:
> > Ok, I might be opening myself up for trouble here, but here goes.
> >
> > Anywho, take a look, and I'd appreciate any feedback.
> Nice read, Bob.  I'm anxious to see how you address the "We can't hire you
> because you have no experience and you can't get experience because we
> hire you" issue.  This is a common thread in the cert NG's.
> You also touch on how when you get 150 vs. 15 resume's the applicant are
> lucky to get a 30-second gloss-over.  When you are in that situation,
> perhaps you could provide some feedback from an employer's POV on what
> catches your eye the most on a resume, and what causes you to skip over
> others.
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