Re: Learning C++ needs Assembly Language too?

From: Disillusioned_01 (
Date: 06/10/04

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 10:47:36 +1000

I started liking your style...
Well If you are a BIG company like IBM and you see clients
as h(m)oneypots mostly you look is to increase revenue.
(the margin in IT business is enormous I would like to see it come down to
an acceptable level)
It is not that people don't have best intentions . The very
structure of service providers is based on profit motive .
  not on best outcome...

"The Poster Formerly Known as Kline Sphere" <.> wrote in message
> >May be last 10 years I have
> >worked in bad IT projects...(Including the one first introduced mobile
> >technology to Aus)
> Yep guessed you have.
> IT has always been in mess, and some are still waiting for the magical
> silver bullet....
> Rather than getting better, IT simply gets worse and worse, so it's
> not surprising when companies see outsouring as the (often wrong)
> answer to their problem's.
> I've been in this business for twenty-three years, seen operations in
> many different countries (including a brief stop in Oz), and seldom
> see an operation worthy of any credit. I'm currently in the UK,
> extracting data from business systems that quite frankly a untrained
> money could have produced better systems.
> Even with all the brilliant new tools and techniques available today,
> companies still have no idea how to produce 'quality' software. Diving
> into 'coding' from day one is even more common now than ever, with
> little idea of what they are building, let alone how to build it -
> madness.
> - The sooner you start coding, the longer it takes finished (if at
> all). 40% of budget for implementation? Not even for the most complex
> prototype. Make a good taking point at an interview though.
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