Re: Collections Improvement

From: UAError (null_at_null.null)
Date: 06/08/04

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 11:29:04 -0400

"Disillusioned_01" <> wrote:

>Anyboby aware of any MS initiative to provide an c++ STL
>stle Lib withc# Generics coming in .net 2.0!?(I guessed it)

There will be a generics version of the collections in the


namespace ,that much was suggested in Juval Lowy's article
"An Introduction to C# Generics" from August 2003

but nothing approaching the STL.

Generic Containers should perform better and are inherently
typesafe (no casting required).

You have to keep in mind that generics are not templates. If
I understand it correctly generics are not a feature of the
implementation language but of the IL - it would follow that
the generic data type is only expanded once the IL is
compiled to native code - delaying the potential bloat as
long as possible.

Generics only allow types as template parameters - so some
of the meta-programming stunts that Alexandrescu pulled in
his LOKI library just aren't possible with generics.

Meanwhile some people having been using this 'freeware
template-based code generator'

to fill their needs.

Anyway read the above article and judge for yourself.