Re: Request for feedback on article

From: FrisbeeŽ (
Date: 06/08/04

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 09:38:34 -0400

RL (Bob) Coppedge, MCSE/MCT wrote:
> Ok, I might be opening myself up for trouble here, but here goes.
> Anywho, take a look, and I'd appreciate any feedback.

Nice read, Bob. I'm anxious to see how you address the "We can't hire you
because you have no experience and you can't get experience because we won't
hire you" issue. This is a common thread in the cert NG's.

You also touch on how when you get 150 vs. 15 resume's the applicant are
lucky to get a 30-second gloss-over. When you are in that situation,
perhaps you could provide some feedback from an employer's POV on what
catches your eye the most on a resume, and what causes you to skip over the

Fris "I wonder if I was one of those 150" beeŽ, MCNGP #13
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