No news from 70-330/340??

From: Moe (
Date: 06/03/04

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 10:16:05 -0700

As much as I hate to agree with Kline, this is a good
thing to have in a cert program. But I don't think
they're going to have a lot of people taking this since
its an elective and most developers would probably rather
do SQL Server, since they probably already know database
stuff anyway.

Unfortunatly, the conventional wisdom in most shops seems
to be that developers develop - and LAN admins and DBAs
are responsible for security. So, only after you've
designed, developed, tested, and debugged you solution,
you move it onto a production platform where some pinhead
starts looking for ways to lock it down. Sometimes that
works fine but if you app needs to enable different users
to do different things, the pinheads often don't like to
listen to you.

.NET, of course, enables developers to write code that is
compatible with an enterprise security strategy. And if
you can have an intelligent conversation with the right
folks about what (if any) actual security strategy is in
place, there's a lot of potential to manage security in
truly elegant ways.

In my own experience, developers are often left out of
the loop.

>-----Original Message-----
>This newsgroups is always talking about dumps, the
>books, flames against the novices... etc.. But i haven't
>seen any reference about the new security exams.
>Some weeks ago i asked if someone else has something to
>talk about the exam, and ONLY ONE person responds me!!!
>Is amazing if i compare with the traffic at the time of
>the first betas of 306..320 and when 300 becomes live.
>Perhaps is time to let of blame to the novices,and start
>talking about the ways that the certification is
>Is almost a month since i take the 330 and i haven't any
>news about it, someone else have more information? When
>the final exam will becomes live? Do you intend to take
>it? If i don't pass perhaps i'll take it again rather
>than the SQL exam...
>Best Regards