Re: opinions on AppDev Training for MCSD - C# track suite??

From: Alistair (
Date: 06/01/04

Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 15:21:53 -0700

If by "back handed comments" you mean:

1. flaming cheats like cobol who sell braindumps to
cheats, or
2. flaming idiots too stupid to type "" into
their address bar, or to find microsoft's training and
certification page

then yes, he is known for that. If you post those types
of items in this or any NG, you deserve to get flamed. If,
however, someone has a genuine inquiry about .NET
technology, or OOP, or the role of IT in business, or any
other of a thousand things that many IT "professionals"
wouldn't have a clue about, then (although many of the
questions are off topic) the Kline Sphere and many other
members of this NG are incredibly helpful. I know I've
learned a lot just by reading some of the threads.

That'll be $0.02, please.
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>Kline is known for his back handed comments.
> If something can be made fun of or some usueless comment
>can be made. He'll do it.
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>>I sense some skepticism here...get the idea.
>>"The Poster Formerly Known as Kline Sphere" <.> wrote in
>>> >They have 50 CD-ROMs which consist of 74 hours of
>training and 4250
>>> >pages
>>>>for Courseware. They include practice tests & MS
>study guides.
>>>>AppDev is running a special $2600 for entire suite
>until May 31, 2004
>>>>(retails for $4550) .
>>> jesus, I'm in wrong business......
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