Re: MCSD .Net recruiters and job networking

From: Ernesto (
Date: 05/31/04

Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 06:16:47 -0700

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>No, a headhunter is as I describe one.
That is your definition....

>Clients use those type of 'services' provided
> by 'recruitment
>consultants' because they are either too lazy, ignorant
> or simple don't know any different.
Perhaps i have to put in the context, in 2000 and 2001
(before 11/9) Spain had a big demand from computer
related professionals, name it: VB, SAP, J2EE, Oracle....
altought without the big distorsion like USA had with
the "dot-com mania", and the places were filled with
Mathematics, Fisics, Telecos at first but in a moment
they had to fill with Administrators, Chemistrys,
Zootechnists and so on because the Universities in Spain
haven't produced enough professionals (Informaticos) to
fill the places, at this point these "another
professionals" were enough to fill the low entry levels
the problem with the medium and high level positions
still remains then, so the companies started to look
overseas, in the case of the 2 companies that i was
talking first they tried with Colombia and after that
with Peru, at that moment there was a need so they
decided to solve it with qualified professionals from
Peru, currently there is no need because the market is
more equilibrated, but then that was the reality, and i
don't think that both companies we're lazy or ignorants.

> In the vast majority of cases, those clients
>are wasting their money.
I don't think so :D, it was a good invest as far as i

>I'm damn if I would entrust the selection of
>employees, whom I require to continue the success of my
>company, to some commissioned based 'salesman' who has
> no idea about my business.
The process weren't authomatic, we had interviews and
exams very strict.... also the CV has some to do, so my
MCSD certification allows me to get into the group.

>In contrast, headhunters are engaged by a client for a
specific type
>of person, who more often than not, has been personally
known beforehand.
That sounds better because a "person" is different from
a "specific type of person", in this case that matches
with my first description.

>'recruitment consultants', although I can't see a
recruitment company
>based in Manhattan, being engaged to find a vb gunt for
a company
>located in Manchester, England.
Currently perhaps not, like i said.... at that moment....