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Date: 05/31/04

Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 11:44:38 +0100

On Mon, 31 May 2004 03:35:08 -0700, "Ernesto"
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>>> I'm looking for a headhunter style site where
>>>recruiters actively work with the job seekers.
>>I believe you have the wrong idea of what a 'headhunter'
>is as
>>referred to in the recruitment business.
>>A 'headhunter' is enlisted by the client, not the 'job
>seeker', in an
>>attempt to entice specific people (who are know to the
>client through name and reputation),
>I agree with the fact about the differences
>between "headhunter" and "jobseekers", but i disagree
>with the fact that clients ask for specific persons,
>sometimes the client is looking for a high profile, but
>doesn't have many contacts to know the people that
>matches that profile, so they contract a headhunter in
>order to find that profile, in the hope that the
>headhunter have more resources (contacts) to find it.
>Another situation where a headhunter is required: finding
>people from another locations, in Spain 2 companies
>needed people from a lot of profiles, so they ask to a
>headhunter located in Peru to perform a evaluation of the
>candidates, i was in that process (in fact i have to move
>from Lima to Madrid) and i didn't pay anything to the
>headhunter for 2 reasons: he contacted me (i still have
>no idea how he found me) and the companie pays a sum for
>each pearson that was accepted, so the headhunter was
>motived to filter the best of the bread in order to get
>more people accepted.
>If you have to pay to a people to find you a job, he's
>not a headhunter, the real headhunter earns money from
>the companies not from the aspirants, perhaps you could
>find one and give him your CV and wait... who knows....?

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