To Mishi ( who is looking for exam 315 material)
Date: 05/24/04

Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 05:34:53 -0700

Don't judge so fast.
It is very easy to sit back and criticise others.Open a
stinky mouth(I am not talking about you, but another
person's reply) and using offensive words. What is hard
is to be patient, un-judgemental, fair and respectful to
Those who easily swear others in this news group are
cowards. They do it because their identity is hiden.

I have been studing ASP.Net from January 2004 2hrs/day.
I have studied the book from O'Reilly and done
all the examples. I have gone throght all the lessons and
labs from the book Microsoft MCSD prepration.
Now I am working basically on speed.
So I am confident to do a great job in real world based
on my knowledge.
and my conscious is at peace, since I have never cheated
in my life.
So don't worry too much about my future.

>-----Original Message-----
>Lets assume we gave you exact questions and you crammed
the answers .
>And lets say you passed the exam.
>But what will be the point. Won't you be better taking a
>retention test rather than taking MS cert. test?
>Will you feel good after the test? Will you feel
confident /proud
>telling someone that you cleared the exam? Think about
it for a
>Lets say you got a job based on this certification . Now
comes the
>real work where there will be no braindumps, no exam
questions. When
>your boss would give you some task, would you ask him
for some
>What would you bring to a company if you are
>My suggestion is that it is good to get a certification
but use this
>opportunity to learn and understand concepts rather than