Re: I definetly got it.

Thanks Mitch, helpful as always,
I meant i newer used 2008 server , but i think i can get it, but maybe it's better 293 and 294 before this exams.
For what is virtualization, i use VMWare and i want to use xen in the near future.
what about comptia Complete? is this good? i have the 2007 kit but it ttalks a lot of win 2k... incredible nobody uses it any more !!!!
in myself i feel 293 and 294 for next year. mixed with some Debian-or linux. then win 7 in 2011.
thanx a lot.

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Firstly congratulations on getting your MCSA.

What's next? Simple... if you have never seen Windows Server 2008 then START LOOKING! It's been out for nearly two years and oh yeah... there's a 2008 R2 out too.

You have three choices:
- Continue with Windows Server 2003 exams and get your MCSE
- Learn Windows Server 2008 and in a couple of years start taking THOSE exams
- Look at the plethora of new cert options that are more granular, including desktop, virtualization, and so on.

Good luck!


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I'm proud to say that i passed exam 70.621 and so now i'm mcp-mcsa 2003, after 2 years od studing.
I'm happy about the work i did.
70-272, 930 score
70-271, 812 score
70-290, 715 score
70-291, 676 score- failed... 932 second shot, I had the same questions
70-621, 800 score; MCSA.
What's now? Win server 2008(never seen) or Win 7?
Any suggestions?