RE: 70-290 Simulations

"FunEMT" wrote:

Hi all,
Does anyone know if the simulations on the 70-290 exam are weighted more
than the other questions? I have tried to find out, but can't find anything
on the Microsoft site.

Thanx in advance for your help.


FunEMT, you have probably already taken the exam, but for others who will
take the ‘revised’ exam in the future, I would give the following advice
based on my personal experience (without revealing details of the test as
agreed to and accepted in the pre-test requirements,…):
 Get Virtual Lab setups to study with at home if you do not already have
 Go over the ‘simple’ things like setting up Share and NTFS permissions and
resolving issues with them.
 Do this for every scenario you can imagine
 Set up User Accounts and experiment with every User Account setting you
can find
 Find somebody that works with Server 2003 and see if you can get some peer
support and advice about situations they encounter in their job roles
On my exam I easily had 8-9 simulations, some of which were the equivalent
of 2 or 3 questions in one.
I am sure that for experienced administrators these would be a cakewalk.
But, since I am an entry level novice administrator like many others who will
take this exam, my experience is limited and made the simulations a bit

Best of luck to all.