Re: Exam question duplicated

I just looked again at what he wrote.... I mis-read it the first time. I
thought he said he saw the same question on consecutive tests, with
different "correct" answers. But that isn't what he said; he said "with
different wrong answers". My mistake.


"Barks" <Barks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In my case, Pete was right. A good majority of my questions were
Some of the answers were the same as the prior tests, some were different.
But the correct answer was always the same, so it made the last test VERY
easy to pass...especially since 2 prior fails of tests with almost all of
same questions gave me a good hint at what to expect on the third. I
ONLY the topics that I saw repeated on the second test and low and behold,
passed with a 912! I think I got rather lucky in getting repeat
But then again, I feel like an expert on those topics because I studied
hell outta them.

"JohnB" wrote:

"Pete Jones" <PeteJones@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I believe the pool of 291 questions has a lot like that: identical
with different answers.

Are you serious? I'm going to be taking the 291 test in a few weeks.....
how can they ask the same question, and have a different correct answer?
That can't possibly be right.