Re: If you've taken 70-290, were there questions on....

Below is the question from the test. I would say that there is more
involved in subnetting here than "just for context". Seems like this should
be in 70-291 or 70-292.


You are the network administrator for United Sales. The network contains one
parent domain,, and two child domains,
and The network contains 1,500 Windows XP Professional
client computers and three Windows Server 2003 computers. A portion of the
network is shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)

DHCP1 provides IP addresses to all client computers on your network. Router1
is configured to forward all BOOTP packets. The scope for Subnet 1 is from
the network address range. The scope for Subnet 2 is from the network address range. Exclusion ranges have been created
consisting of the first ten addresses in each scope. All IP configurations
are statically assigned to servers.

Your company has decided to implement a file and print server on Subnet 1.
You are responsible for configuring the appropriate static TCP/IP properties
for this new computer. The computer should use the next available IP address
on its subnet. For resolution of unqualified names, the file server should
append the name with the following domain names, in this order:,, and

What should you do?

To answer the question, perform the appropriate actions in the simulation.
(When you are finished, click the Done button.)

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I haven't take it yet. But I bought Self Test Software's practice exam
And today while taking a practice test, I got a subnetting question. And
there was NOTHING covered on subnetting in the Microsoft study book that I
bought for 70-290. So I emailed STS and mentioned that it seemed they
a mistake by including this question. They wrote back and said there ARE
subnetting questions in the live exam. Very strange, it's not in the book
at all.

Are they right?

No, they are wrong.

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