RE: 70-291

Sat my 291 yesterday and got a 606. a little p*ssed but got the free second
chance. Now I know where my weaknesses are I should, with any luck, pass the
second time round.


"RogueIT" wrote:

Congrats...I am on for the 291 on May 12th...Good luck in Sept.

"flcpl" wrote:

I read the postings each day and I have seen that the 291 is a B-eye-
ch to pass. So, finally, on my 3rd try. I have passed. I was happy
with the lack of SIMS on my test. And the typical stuff is what you
need to know. Used Exam Prep, the big book, and the MS Press book on
291. Used six junk computer to set up a small network, 3 servers and 3
clients. Did all the Hands on in each book. Played a lot. Made a
change here and a change there, then found a way to fix what I had
changed. Been in the IT field for 2 years now. This makes me MCSA now.
Started off with the A+ then the 270, then Network+, then 290 then
MCDST with 271 and 272. Just needed this 291 for the final piece. Like
someone here said before, it taste so sweet now that it is finished. I
will take a few months break from studying. Then in August the 70-282.
Got a free voucher for that so might as well take it. Then onward to
the MCSE, or perhaps, Upgrading the MCDST to Vista, or getting Cert in
Vista, or......ahhh the endless possibilities!!!!
God gave us two ears and one mouth, that way you can listen twice as
much as you talk.
I don't post here often, but I am here lurking. Maybe you will see my
next post if September.
Good luck to all.
Remember, the real answer is 42.