Re: 70-292 is anyone passing this?

Wow! Your Feb 5, 2008 score report IMO should have given you a passing score. I studied the heck out of DNS, and what got me 3/28/2008 with a 653, was whether the certificate database was store w/system state - found my answer when I got home; got both of them wrong.

<rachaeltraub@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:cf4ae1c2-8c7e-42e7-a4f3-d1b1fac55971@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If anyone is interested, you can see my sectional results here:, [PDF].
I actually failed FOUR times in all, and yes, my score all for times
was 646.

I emailed MicrosoftLearning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx back in February,
but had no reply. Thanks to Michael D. Alligood for posting the other
email address, msledp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I just sent my plea to them -
we'll see.


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