Re: Cannot login using new accounts

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Cannot login using new accounts

I am encountering logon problems when using new created profiles....some old profiles work well.

problem: "The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively"


logins created on win 2003 server
logging from an xp client connected to server

Not exactly sure what you are saying here.

If you created local accounts on a 2003 member server or stand-alone server, and you are trying to use RDP to log on to that server, the users must be part of the local 'users' or 'power users' group to have logon privs on that server. Alternately, you could use gpedit.msc to allow 'log on locally' rights to whatever accounts you want. (Computer Configuration\Windows\Security\Local Policies).

If that server is a domain controller, then there are no local users or local 'users' group. Users must be members of 'Domain Admins' or 'Enterprise Admins' to have logon privs on the domain controller. Alternately, you could modify the default domain controllers OU GPO to specify 'log on locally' rights for domain controllers. (Again, see the path above).

If you created domain accounts on a 2003 server, and you are trying to log on to an xp workstation that is joined to that domain, then the user accounts need to be members of the local 'users' group on the workstation. Typically, domain computers include 'Domain Users' in the local 'users' group, and all domain accounts are members of 'Domain Users'.

John R