Re: YAY! I'm Halfway There!

"Power Point" <PowerPoint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Everybody......almost there is correct. I have MCDST+270+290. I cannot
pass this blasted 291 exam! But i have to admint studying now for the last
6months and failed twice! hopefully 3 times will be the charm as i am
schedule to take exam 12/30/2007. I have a voucher that will expire
12/31/2007!~ If i pass i will feel like i won the lottery~

good Luck to all and HAPPY NEW YEARS!

"Michael Gossett" wrote:

Hi PowerPoint

How did you get on with the 291 yesterday? (Wish I had a testing centre
near me that was open on Saturdays and Sundays). Hope you passed! I'm
still working on 290, so I have the pleasure of the 291 (AKA the Beast) yet
to come!

Happy New Year to you any way.



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