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The only constructive answer I see here is from another person that its not
even american, you should be a shame of yourself consultant. Thanks for the
great answer Jos Van Vegchel
Peter Aragon

"Jos van Vegchel" wrote:

> The 70-291 is the most diffecult one for the MCSA 15-20% pass the first
> time. This was only exam I had to do 3 times. A good understanding of dns,
> the different roles of the servers and IP calculations+knowhow is needed.
> Handon experience with de mmc is very helpfull. If you use the exam
> training software to much you will not learn anything because you know the
> answer before you read the question. So, building a infrastructure is a
> beter teacher.
> See the failed exams as a trainig to help you find the way.
> Success with the next one, MS has a second shot for free action now, so half
> the cost.
> --
> Jos van Vegchel
> Atricon Information Services, the Netherlands
> A+ Network+
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> >I have failed this exam 2 times. I am wondering does the study material I
> > have enough to pass this exam. I am using MS Press book 70-291 & recently
> > brought the exam cram 70-291. I have the transcenders and with my exam
> > cram
> > book they give you access to on-line practice test. I took the practices
> > exams and scored 100% on both before sitting for the exam. I still failed!
> > what else can I do? What other types of study material are there? OF
> > course
> > this is my last exam to complete my MCSA. I am already a MCDST, MCP so I
> > am
> > not new at this but GOSH.........I just want to pass :)

Nothing has been said here that cannot be read on Why is there large number of repeat tester, that when they fail an exam, do not consider the possibility they failed due to their lack of knowledge and experience on the tested technology?

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