Re: Vista and slow transfers over the network

You mentioned a switch in there. Have you tried your connection without the
switch between you wherever it's plugged into. Maybe the switch is running
into issues with Vista's protocol stack. Have you tried any network
analyzing software to monitor your adapter (if it's not integrated into the
Motherboard)? Have you tried using the adapter in an XP machine? Switch it
out, what the heck. At least you will have ruled out the adapter as the
potential problem. If it's ok put it back in the Vista machine. I would try
ruling out all possible hardware problems at this stage in the game. If all
of that fails, i would look for some network card analyzing software out
there. How does the Event log look by the way? Anything weird going on in
there when you copy and paste?

"Matt" <Matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Well here is the list of things that I have tried to the best of my memory
First let me list what my computers are that I'm using. I have a Vista
Ultimate Box on an Athlon 64 X2 4200 2Gig or Ram with 2 WD SATA2 drives no
Raid and an integrated Broadcom Gigabit adapter. A Win2k3 Enterprise
running on a P3 750 384 Meg of Ram with at PCI SATA1 card with a WD 160Gig
and an Intel Pro 1000 GT Nic.
All hardware on both machines has the latest drivers.
I have tried flow control Tx, Rx/Tx, auto, off with no change
I have tried the Netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
Uninstalled Remote Differential Compression
I have a 3com gigabit unmanaged switch and a 10/100 switch/router issue
Tired copying files from an XP box on 100Mbps and don't have an issue. 70%
network usage when transferring files.
I'm using Cat5e I have read that Cat6 would not make a big difference so I
have not purchased new cables.
The transfer rate on the Vista box on HD to HD is 100MB/sec on average.
Faster with larger files and slower with multiple smaller files.
And the transfer rate on the server is 90MB/sec and write is about half of
that. And both of the systems rate far exceed the 2-8MB/sec transfer via
network. So I have no idea what else it could be other then Vista is a
I have not been able to try Vista to Vista transfer I would really like to
see how that performs.
I know that I have tried other things but I can't remember out of
If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks
for everyone's help.

A+, MCP, and MCDST

"Keith Chilton" wrote:

Even though I haven't touched vista and have no experience in it. This
thread reinforces my belief to stay away from it until next year at
The bugs and the whole "focus on graphics, GUI and the end-user"
initiative seems to have created some issues.

By the way, Matt, what version of Vista are you running? And I'm sorry
having your problems.

By the way, instead of copying and pasting, have you tried using XCOPY to
see if you can transfer files faster, instead of "copy and paste"? See
using that changes your transfer speeds and network utilization.

I love XCOPY nested into batch scripts. It makes backups so much easier
the end user if all they have to do is "clicky-clicky" haha

"Matt" <Matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Well there are a few reasons. I have read online that I'm not the only
with this issue. I have an old P4 laptop running XP Pro that has a
drive that has about 70 - 80% network usage on 100Mb connection to the
tried a few other things that make this situation very strange. If I
copy a file off of the Vista box to the server. From the server I do
run \\name\share and then copy the file and then paste it to the drive
server the speed is doubled. Network usage goes from 2 -4% to 8 - 10%
computers. If I copy the same file to the same location on the server
mapped drive on the vista box it is slow. Network usage is 2 - 4%. And
is with one file that is 750MB. If I copy a bunch of smaller files like
it is .5% - 1%. And keep in mind this is on a gigabit connection. This
totally unacceptable. And it has the same results on gigabit or 100.
are switched not a hub. And the kicker is that at work I run vista and
the same slow transfers here as I do at home. We also run gigabit at my
A+, MCP, and MCDST

"catwalker63" wrote:

Matt piffled away vaguely:

I was hoping that some one out there would have some answers to this
or atleast ran into it as well. I have a Win2k server running. Its
on a
750 384Meg of Ram and it runs great. I have a SATA2 controller
installed with
a 160Gig WD drive. HDtach shows the write speed at 45MB/sec and read
90MB/sec. I also have a Vista box Athlon 64 X2 4200 2Gig of RAM and
of the
same WD drives. Both on gigabit network. If I copy files from my
box to
a mapped drive on the server it transfers at 2MB/sec maybe 4 if I'm
lucky on
if I copy from the mapped drive on the server to the Vista box it
at 8 - 10MB/Sec. This is just unacceptable. It is with a bunch of
and also large files (700Meg) I have tried everything listed on any
webpage I
could find. Nothing seems to help. This is really driving me nuts. I
think that bottle neck is on the server. It is snappy and runs
expected on what hardware it has. I do run IIS, DNS and AD. Only for
for tests. Everything in both systems have the most current drivers.
that this is a Vista issue according to everything I have read
transfers do not stop just slow. Any ideas, suggestions, anything
Thanks in advance.

I know the speed of a computer is a function of the speed of the
processor, number of processors, amount and speed of RAM, and speed of
the drive. I can't say for sure but it is possible that the disparity
between the hardware on the server and the hardware on the Vista box
a large influence here. You also don't state specific reasons why
suspect Vista, so I'm wondering why you are suspecting problems with


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