Best resource book

Hi need to learn how to manage and maintain Windows 2003 for my job. I am
currently MCDST and A+, but need to know Windows 2003 server. I will
probably go on to take the 70-291 exam, but I am NOT looking for exam books,
I need more of a "how to" book. Yes , I know, set up windows 2003 server and
play. I will try to do that, but I need to know stuff right now. I at least
need to look it up to begin to even play.

What books does anyone recommend for that?
I don't need to dive too deep. Mostly basic stuff. This is for a High School
with one server.

I looked at Microsoft Vertual machines, but can't figure out if that is what
I could use on my Windows XP pro computer to play with windows 2003.

ANY help would be appreciated. I must quickly dive in and start doing!

Thanks, Fitz