Re: backup program question

ok. Thanks.

"The Rev [MCT]" <ireportbadpeople@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
No VSS doesn't need ot be preconfigured or enable for the NTBackup
utillity to use VSS backups.....


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"djc" <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
questions about 2k3's new ability to backup open files using the backup
utility. I know this feature uses the shadow copy technology but:

1) do 'Shadow Copies' have to be enabled/configured on a volume for
to work or does the backup utility handle this independantly?

2) if answer to 1 is yes: do shadow copies have to be enabled on THE
being backed up or just any volume on the source system?

2b) what if one backup job covers several servers each with several hard
drives each? do shadow copies need to be enabled/configured on all
being backed up on all the servers?

needing clarification,