Re: Just passed MCDST and start MCSA

**LnkWizard's** the one who fcukin said it

Using the so called "study" material from testking is cheating, that
is why you are a numbwitted schlong sucking @$$fu(c)ker and will
always be
a numbwitted schlong sucking @$$fu(c)ker. Plus only Consultant can
top post, you being a numbwitted schlong sucking @$$fu(c)ker shouldn't
post at all, but seeing as how you can't help yourself you really
need to bottom post.

D@mn skippy!! We'll keep these witless wonders from cheating their way
through our industry. One by one if we have to!

If any of you cheating @$$fu©kers out there reading this think you can cheat
your way through the system, your time will come, we will make sure of that.
So, if you wanna troll me, go for it. Because *you* _got_ *_NOTHIN"_*!!!

Bigus Di©kus
MCNGP Sb (Antimony)
--You can't have's *mine*