Re: Anyone else having problems getting a Welcome Pack ?????

The saga continues, after 6 months a welcome pack arrives, but unfortunately
it is not mine it is for a gentleman in Bolivia and is an MCP pack not
MCSA.........looks like Microsoft will have to fly me to Bolivia to exchange
packs with my MCP friend there.......

"KiwiBJ" <kiwibj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
LOL I had thought that, but does he need 3 welcome kits, maybe he/she is
selling them to his friends.............. :)

"duke" <dukejscript@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I passed my MCSA 2003 September 29th last year and requested the Welcome
pack on the 30th, according to MS they have sent me 3 packs since then,
of which have arrived, it feels like I have emailed & spoken to everyone
expect Bill and still no welcome pack, it has now been 21 weeks &
looks like it's going to be 6 months.

Hmmm, That's odd.
Do you recall your postman's story about how he/she wanted to become a
system administrator but didn't pass some stupid exams...