Re: G-mail LOADING Error

"Jtyc" <yo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Could you pls help about the problem?

Can't do it. Google hasn't hired me yet.

Of course we can help. Google is accessed through MS and Macintrash systems
(which will soon run Windows). And since we are Microsoft certified and
representative of King Bill and all his windowey goodness, we must reach out
to the "get a cluesers" and harken them unto complete PC satisifaction. Yea
though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the InterNeil I shall fear
no 404's for Microsft is with me. It's blue screen and Indian tech support
they comfort me. It leadeth me through the green pastures of the Bliss
desktop wallpaper. Surley system stability and prosperity shall follow me
all the days of my browsing. OK I can't hold a straight face anymore, I'm

Mitch "yer such a Jameshole" S.
MCNGP XLVIII (Now do the other certs REALLY matter?)
Get yer sorry James over to