Re: How many questions on 70-290

T-Bone <reply2me@thenewsgroup> said something like

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>>I have looked. I didn't find the information. I do try to solve
>> myself first but at a certain point if I am just not getting anywhere
>> I ask.
>> If you were born MCSE 2003, more power to you. I wasn't.
> *Sigh* Fine, take my hand...
> Go to
> In the search box, type the following:
> 70-290 "number of questions"
> Have a look through the results for your answer.


You have single-handedly raised the collective population's
IQ by.075 points!

BTW - I still don't get the "Number of Questions" thing.

Why does it matter? It is what it is. It's not like you
can go in and say, "I want the one with 45 questions please."

Is it that after 55 questions you suddenly can't answer any
more? I always thought the more the better, each will count
for less, so you can miss more. Bu, of course, you should try
to get them all right, just in case.

Apply the same argument to "What is the passing score?"