Re: Building a budget Test Lab for MCSA

islander wrote:
> *I'm preparing to study for the MCSA, and i have been searching the
> web for examples of an ideal test lab. Does this seem ok to you?
> 1 desktop running xp pro
> 1 desktop running vmware and xp pro (will this be able to then
> replicate several xp desktops?)
> 2 servers running windows server 2003 - what should i have on each
> server i.e. one acting as a domain controller and the other as a DCHP
> and DNS server?
> as you can see i'm a bit confused as to what would be the best
> approach to building my lab.
> Hope someone out there can help, thanks:) *

That sounds okay I would also try MS Virtual PC 2004. I had trouble
installing VMWARE on my laptop, and yes VMware will replicate several
XP desktops at once but you need to make sure you have enough Memory
etc,etc. It's my intention to download MS's version as well. You can
run DHCP and DNS off the one server if you like, might save you some
money unless you already have the 2 servers. I have recently bought the
following 2 Desktop PC's AMD Athlon 3000 and 3400 64 bit processors 1GB
ram / 2GB RAM 80GB HDD /160 GB HDD both for just over £600.00. Ones for
my server the others for my workstation I also have a laptop which has
XP home, this will come in handy for testing upgrade scenarios. I
managed to get a reasonable lab setup for just over £1,000. This price
included some of my books hope this is a little helpful

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