Re: Practise Tests From MCSA/MCSE Microsoft Training Kit. Does An

I posted this to another group, but I just wanted to note here that c) is
NOT a valid option, as you do not have to check the Administrative Option in
order to switch from Block to Warn.
I tested it on my 2003 domain controller and you do not have to check that
option in order to make the switch.

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> Good for you! Good luck on the other exams!
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>> "Andy Ruth [MSFT]" wrote:
>>> Some of the questions do stink, but as we find that a vendor is creating
>>> bad
>>> questions, we don't use them anymore, so the quality of the questions
>>> are
>>> getting better and will continue to get better. We also do have the
>>> author
>>> review the questions, but reading that many questions in a short time is
>>> tedious (I cna say from experience), and some bad questions slip
>>> through.
>>> For this question though, I like it. If someone did not select A, B, and
>>> E,
>>> then they know that there is a domain-based policy and the three places
>>> they
>>> can be applied are at the domain, OU, or Site, and would likely
>>> (hopefully)
>>> know the order of application (very important to troubleshooting group
>>> policy problems). C and D are both valid options, so if the person does
>>> not
>>> know which is correct, then they could experiment and find out, and in
>>> the
>>> process get more time with the interface and group policy, and learn
>>> something that will be useful once they go to work.
>>> With our exams, the questions are written to cover a number of areas of
>>> knowledge, so this question is a good representation of what you need to
>>> know.
>>> My 2c only,
>> Agreed. Myself selected only answer C, but I see D is also correct after
>> testing the option.
>> I like the way the exams are designed but some ones, mainly the graphic
>> ones, are badly done... The coolest and most exciting was 70-216, killed
>> in
>> the 1st shoot :)
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