Any Pocket PC Ebooks Available? Kits Only Have PDF Books

I'm studying (rather unsuccessfully I might add) for my 70-290 exam; I have
the MSCA/MSCE training kit for 2003. They have ebooks in the included CD,
but they are only in PDF format and Adobe Reader for Pocket PC is horribly
slow. They are protected too, so I can't print them to Repligo (alternative
reader for Pocket PC) format.

The closest I've been able to get to a workable Pocket PC format is by
saving the PDF file as an HTML file, using iSiloX to convert it to iSilo
format (another alternative reader for Pocket PC) and transferring it to my
Pocket PC. Unfortunately the formatting is a bit wonky and the diagrams
come out smaller than necessary.

Does anyone know if Microsoft ever released the books in .LIT format? If
they didn't, is there anyplace one could get (discounted) Pocket PC ebook
training materials?


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