Re: 70-292: can someone please verify / explain the answer to this

"fmsmcse" <fmsmcse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hahahha, you are funny man!!!
> Sure I will admit, just like I did in the last message, but who said it's
> imperative that one should write in Eng here?? ehhe
> "Yes friend, I have to agree with you, your answer is the best one,
> therefore, here goes another bet, how about deciphering this???"
> "Another challenge is to be more humble. To be humble is a gift in one's
> life, that something you did not show here and did not try to help,
> instead,
> you were and is it's being a show off, pointing out people's errors and
> like
> saying "I'm the best f(*()*)&) the rest".

So, basically, you're recommending him for membership in the MCNGP?

That probably beats a "thank you" anyway.


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