Re: 70-292: can someone please verify / explain the answer to this que

You have officially embarrassed yourself. Did you miss this line or

> 5. Account lockout duration: 30 minutes

Admit your ineptness immediately so that you might obtain forgiveness.

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> As posted on MCSE comm.
> I'd say: A and C.
> D: by resetting a user pwd does not automatically unlock the account.
> Add info: Normally we use to push the use of local accounts with NO EXP
> setting set. But in some cases it's needed to access other resources on
> the
> net, then that'd require a net account with the same setting set. Remember
> to
> use the good pratice of least privilege.
> "Tim Moor" wrote:
>> dear mcsa-gurus,
>> i have read this question / answer in a preparation guide. do you agree
>> with
>> the answer ??
>> thanx alot
>> tim
>> You are the network administrator for
>> On a windows Server 2003 computer named serverA, you use the backup
>> program
>> to
>> automatically back up eight servers. You use a schedule task named
>> AutoBack.
>> The task
>> runs in the security context of a domain account named NightBackup.
>> The Default Domain Policy Group Policy object (GPO) is configured with
>> the
>> following
>> account policies settings:
>> 1. Minimum password length: 8 characters
>> 2. Password expiration: 30 days
>> 3. Enforce password history: 12 passwords remembered
>> 4. Account lockout threshold: 3 invalid logon attempts
>> 5. Account lockout duration: 30 minutes
>> The backup program runs successfully for four weeks. After four weeks,
>> you
>> notice that
>> nightly backups no longer occur. A successful backup occurs when you log
>> on
>> the
>> serverA with your own user account and perform a local backup. Your user
>> account is
>> member of the Domain Admins group.
>> You want the AutoBack scheduled task to perform unattended backups every
>> night at
>> 11:00 P.M.
>> Which two actions should you perform in orderto resume the nightly
>> backups
>> by using the
>> AutoBack scheduled task? (Each correct answer presents part of the
>> solution.
>> Choose two.)
>> A. Unlock the NightBackup user account.
>> B. Enable the NightBackup user account.
>> C. One the properties sheet for the AutoBack. Job scheduled task, reset
>> the
>> password.
>> D. Reset the password for the NightBackup user account.
>> E. Configure the local security policy on serverA to grant the service
>> account the Logon
>> locally right.
>> F. Configure the local security policy on serverA to grant the service
>> account the Logon as a
>> service right.
>> Answer: C, D
>> Explanation: The question states that the backup program ran successfully
>> for four weeks,
>> which is more or less 30 days. Because of the password expiration being
>> 30
>> days, the
>> passwords listed in C and D has to be reset.