RE: Braindumps – Good/Bad?

Well now ... u guys must really know your stuff!!! I'm sure you have got all
the answers to all the exams and have checked every braindump to see that the
answers are right or wrong ... I on the other hand have better things to do.
Or maybe you all are lemings and took up what other people were saying rather
then making up your own mind! because its not the cool thing to say.

Never mind, maybe you do know and if so how? if you have never looked at
them yourself! Gossip is easy boys!

Spend time to know yourself, this may take longer then you think!

"MiniMe" wrote:

> Sorry James, I like them! Anything used appropriately is a good thing!
> If you’ve done your study, completed the practice questions in the books,
> used Transender or another practice test engine, and still want more, then
> braindumps are it, we haven’t all got a limitless supply of money. The
> braindumps I look at are not exact copies of the exam questions (yes that
> would be cheating!) I don’t care what they say on the sites .. they are not
> like the real thing but a lot are relevant to the level you need to pass the
> exams. I use them to check my knowledge only.
> These dumps are written by other exam takers and therefore, can easily be
> wrong. Which I also think is a good thing! If I see an answer to a question
> that I disagree with I check it out, which can highlight areas I need extra
> study in. Sometimes I’m wrong but sometimes I’m right and their answer is
> wrong. If you use anything in the correct way it can be useful when taking
> these exams. And lets not forget .. they ARE FREE!
> Maybe I’m being naïve, but don’t automatically assume they are questions
> that are going to be on the exams .. no matter what they say on the web
> sites, in my experience this is just not the case. Also, if someone just
> remembered the braindumps there is not a chance in hell that they would pass
> any Microsoft exam IMHO
> Any other thoughts? or is it just because you want people to keep paying up!
> OK pretty 1 sided I know:-)
> --
> Spend time to know yourself, this may take longer then you think!