Re: Braindumps - Good/Bad?

you, sir, are an ass

"MiniMe" <MiniMe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Sorry James, I like them! Anything used appropriately is a good thing!
> If you've done your study, completed the practice questions in the books,
> used Transender or another practice test engine, and still want more, then
> braindumps are it, we haven't all got a limitless supply of money. The
> braindumps I look at are not exact copies of the exam questions (yes that
> would be cheating!) I don't care what they say on the sites .. they are
> not
> like the real thing but a lot are relevant to the level you need to pass
> the
> exams. I use them to check my knowledge only.
> These dumps are written by other exam takers and therefore, can easily be
> wrong. Which I also think is a good thing! If I see an answer to a
> question
> that I disagree with I check it out, which can highlight areas I need
> extra
> study in. Sometimes I'm wrong but sometimes I'm right and their answer is
> wrong. If you use anything in the correct way it can be useful when
> taking
> these exams. And lets not forget .. they ARE FREE!
> Maybe I'm being naïve, but don't automatically assume they are questions
> that are going to be on the exams .. no matter what they say on the web
> sites, in my experience this is just not the case. Also, if someone just
> remembered the braindumps there is not a chance in hell that they would
> pass
> any Microsoft exam IMHO
> Any other thoughts? or is it just because you want people to keep paying
> up!
> OK pretty 1 sided I know:-)
> --
> Spend time to know yourself, this may take longer then you think!