Re: MCSA on a budget

Guys, excuse my naivety on this subject, I thought that it took a lot of hard
work to pass the MCP's. I done and passed my last MCP for my MCSA today, I've
spent 7 months studying for them, that a lot of time away from my 3 young
children. I did encounter a few people on my travels who would tell me that
they done some of the MCP exams in 10 - 15 minutes, this is surely
impossible? Anyway, even if someone attains an MCSA or MCSE, they'll be found
out very quickly in a job, but I do sympathise with the point that it
devalues the amount of work we put into them.
Hopefully the new 2003 exam format will sort the cheats out?

"JaR" wrote:

> In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcsa, Zworkin expostulated for all the
> world to hear;
> > those guy's work hard and know their Sh1t. I like knowing that when
> > the going gets tuff (the Network/Enterprise is down, something is
> > broke and the go to guy staying late to fix it),
> Amen.
> And there won't be dumps to help, because what's borked wasn't covered by
> the exam.
> --
> JaR
> Thug 10110
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