Re: Job Search which is better MCSA/MCSE 2k OR MCSA/MCSE 2003

Sam take notice to this:

Most companies that you could get a decent job with are
still using 2000 for the time being. The economy has been
down so they could not afford to budget the money to
upgrade so they had to make due with what they had.

Help Desk jobs are great openers for newly certed people.
Don't go with the attitude that I did all of this and
spent all this money and now I want instant returns. It
takes years sometimes to get those returns, do it because
you want to do it not because you are looking for
immediate returns on your "investment"

Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes (I personally could
go on and on with lists and lists of mistakes in life) but
do yourself a favor (meaning this in the nicest possible
way) work on your written and verbal communication skills,
talk and write like a professional. If it talks like a
pro, writes like a pro, there is a good chance that it's a
pro! I hope you take that as constructive criticism, even
posting on the boards and newsgroups and blogs it would
get you better results back and perhaps maybe that person
offering that 60k a year job notices how great your
communication skills are.

Good Luck to you!

Best Wishes,

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>Nope not at all, and it's good cause you can always go to
MCDBA, MCSE 03, and
>"Sam" wrote:
>> Thanks for great information. Acutally that's excately
what i have
>> decided. I am not going to give up. BUT the question
here was am i
>> wasting my time going for MCSE 2000, while everyone is
using Windows
>> server 2003 (i can alwayse upgrade!!). I am in Mid West
BUT i am
>> willing to move.
>> Thanks again for help.
>> Any other comments from anyone are welcome.
>> Sam