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Date: 03/26/05

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I am planing to take 70-290 exam, Please suggest be good


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>nguyenpv wrote:
>> Some guy,
>> I'm also studying DNS. I think your correct. From my
>> Stub zones are zones that are delegated to be
authoritative of that
>> zone. The master dns server keep a stub of the zone so
they could refer
>> the dns lookup to that zone, so if you look on the
master dns's stub
>> zone for that zone you will see the following records:
SOA, NS, and a
>> number of A records. If any changes to the zone, the
master dns is
>> notified and the stub records is updated. In Win2k3 the
icon for the
>> stub zone is the folder with a list that's grayed out
(I might be
>> wrong, check on this). Hope this help
>> nguyenpv
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>Thanks for the reply