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Date: 03/22/05

Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 10:07:55 -0800

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> JaR wrote:
>> In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcsa, Rene' climbed on a soapbox &
>> opined:
>>> Hey there guys.
>>> I am a newly educated MCSA which is
>>> starting to look for a job here in the United
>>> States. I know that I am fresh to the game and
>>> need to figure out what kind of jobs to look for
>>> and appreciate every hint I can get it doing so.
>>> Thanks!!!
>> If you want a job in IT, forget about Monster or any of the job
>> boards. Without expeience they won't ever even look at your resume.
> I've got 23 year's experience, and they don't look at my resume'
> either.

Heh. The people that the people on Monster are looking for, don't need
to look on Monster for the jobs that the people on Monster are offering.

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