Re: User rights in win 2003 d

From: Digital_X (
Date: 03/21/05

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 14:41:02 -0800

IF I log on as admin or use the run as command the program will install and I
can run it as admin but it will still not run as a normal user. This is a
win2003 domain with win xp clients.Any Ideas?

"blastingfonda" wrote:

> Some Guy wrote:
> > By doing what you ask, you are circumventing the point of the user
> > account and the built security behind a windows domain. Thus, why
> users
> > are not allowed to install apps on clients.
> >
> > Someguy
> Yeah, it's a tradeoff. When you give a user full rights to install
> apps, you giving them nearly-full access to the registry and to the
> Windows and Program Files directories. That alone undermines the
> security of your box in a major way. Locking a user down yet giving
> them rights to the registry are mutually exclusive actions. The Power
> Users group is a compromise but even that group has a number of
> limitations on what apps it can install and yet at the same time it
> gives users way too many permissions as well.
> Anyone with a desire to obtain full admin rights to their box could do
> so pretty easily once given the rights to install and run any app.

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