Re: Failed 292 as well

From: rmr (
Date: 03/18/05

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    Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 11:32:19 -0800

    I agree. I may take a break before trying again and let
    some of this get sorted out. Plus, I think to pass I'm
    going to need to hammer on DNS a while. I'm not in charge
    of DNS at my company, so I don't do much with it on the
    server end of things, I just keep clients & member servers
    working, no zone configs for me. I did have my Prometric
    exam freeze 3 times though when I clicked to go to the
    next question, which was aggravating. I sure hope it
    counted those answers properly.

    >-----Original Message-----
    >Prometric gives you graphs but VUE does not. It's a bunch
    of crap. How can
    >one company give you a graph while another doesn't. Maybe
    Microsoft can get
    >their testing companies to do the same thing for once.
    Prometric exams freeze
    >up in the middle - maybe it's because they are trying to
    calculate the graph.
    >When I called Microsoft about this they stated that the
    exam should be
    >pass/fail. It's like they don't even know about their own
    exam. I might wait
    >to take this exam until they fix it up a little and get
    their ducks in a row.

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