Failed 70-290

From: Tippy (
Date: 03/18/05

Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 20:42:55 -0800

I failed the 70-290 exam last Wednesday and was really
bummed about it. I was supremely confident on this exam,
not like the 70-270 exam which I was a nervous wreck, but
passed quite easily.

After getting home frustrated and depressed I looked around
on the net, particulary Microsoft and started to feel a
little better about myself after reading all the posts
relating to failed 70-290 exams on here.

I have been using the MOC for this exam and to my disgust
there is no mention of Therminal Services or IIS in the
book, yet the exam had at least 8 questions relating to
both these topics (that represents 200 points out of 1000).
I guess I was a little nieve thinking the Microsoft
curriculum would have everything I needed and I wouldn't
need to do any more than that and some practise tests.

Ayway, I was hoping someone would have a similar situation
and could help me out with some resources on TS and IIS. I
have spent half the day on Technet and MSDN but there is no
simple "read this to know everything" section :-)

Cheers and sympath to the people in the same lonely
position as me.