Re: 70-290 rant

From: Some Guy (
Date: 03/17/05

Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 08:00:48 -0800

Hi Dan,

I have taken a couple MS exams and learned a couple things. These exams
are all about testing you on how well you take tests. The process of
eliminatation is alive and well. I have been taking tests like this for
a long time. tests that require weeding through the BS to get to the
actual question, than elimating the wrong anwsers to get to the right
one. Sure, some questions are pretty cut and dry. For the most part
the MS test test's very little knowledge on the subject matter. I might
get flamed for saying this but I beleive its true. Its a weed out
process that keeps people from wall papering there rooms with

With that said, I hope MS does a better job with the new testing format.
The simulations should provide the opportunity to test real world
applications of the material. Something that Dan might be able to


catwalker63 wrote:
> "Dan" <> prattled ceaslessly in
> news:12b401c52ad7$288dbd00$a601280a@phx.gbl:
>>Questions I'd like to ask the community is, should I
>>expect questions degrees more difficult the next time I
>>sit the 70-290? Does MS flag questions that you've
>>already done so you don't get them again?
>>Is the two week rule enforced? If I attempt to sit the
>>exam, will the result not count, or I won't be able to
>>book/schedule an exam?
> I'm sorry to hear you failed -- that must be very frustrating.
> I think it's pretty much potluck which questions you get. The two week
> rule is indeed enforced -- mostly to protect the exam from braindumpers
> so you don't get the same questions again. I don't think they'll even
> let you book. Sounds like you need the time, though. Don't take lots of
> breaks from now until you are allowed to take the exam. Keep hammering
> away looking for additonal material to read and practicing with the
> product.