Re: Finding work in the IT...any help?

From: Brian (
Date: 03/16/05

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 11:02:56 -0600

Help Desk Tech or Analyst for one..good place to start.

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> Hey all, I would LOVE some input to this as I'm sure other are probably
> with me on this same career path.
> I have just completed a few MS certifications and am now looking for IT
> work. I've been told that I have zero experience, I will have to start
> out in an entry-level position, in which doesn't totally shock me, but
> would love to toss this out, and hear from others, like the people in
> this newsgroup.
> My question is, what kinds of job titles should I be looking for and
> where? Any and all opinions are welcome! Thanks! Karl
> PS: the certifications that I have are as folllows:
> MCSA 9/2004
> MCP 8/2001
> A + 8/2001
> Network + 8/2001
> Plus, I just took and passed the 70-270 exam to give me an XP
> knowledgebase.