Re: Passed 70-290....Barely

From: Bobby (
Date: 03/15/05

Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 18:49:02 -0800

Hi Some Guy,

Perhaps you should do 70-291 first as the 2nd shot promotion is still on
unless you are confident that you will pass the 1st time you take that exam.

The following link has the info.

Hope this helps.


"Some Guy" wrote:

> Agreed. not sure how the whole sim thing is going to go. I am saving
> the 70-291 for last and am trying to decide whether to take the 2
> Comptia's Net. and A+ or the 1 Security+ for the elective. The 2 comptia
> are a slam dunk but dont want to pay the extra 100 bucks for the test.
> The security+ I hear is pretty tuff and I will probably learn something
> in the process. ANy comments on the Security+
> Someguy
> James wrote:
> > yes congrats, I also passed it, all I've got left is the 70-291 for my MCSA,
> > which I would like to do before the end of this month, seeing as I'm not to
> > sure I like the new simulation thing that starts at the end of this month...
> > "molsonexpert" <> wrote in message
> > news:OgGQMuNKFHA.3832@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl...
> >
> >>"Some Guy" <> wrote in message
> >>
> >>
> >>>Ok So I passed the dreaded 70-290 today. Passing Score....700
> >>>Myscore....700.
> >>>
> >>>Yep, squeaked by on that one. Happy I passed but disappointed by the
> >>>score. I was fairly confident during the test finished 40 questions in
> >>>45 minutes (maybe thats why my score sucked). Had to guess at 3 of
> >>>them. Mainly the VBscript questions.
> >>>
> >>>For those interested, I used Exam Cram 2 (excellent), MS Server2003
> >>>Administrators guide (pretty Good)and MS Press Managing and maintaining
> >>>Server 2003 Training Kit (Sucked). Matter of fact it sucked so bad I
> >>>wont be using the MS press training kits again. Oversimplyfied, didnt
> >>>really address the pertinent info. Some will say "well did you read the
> >>> recomended reading?" I say BS. If its important put it in the book
> >>> if the books to big, create to parts. I paid 60 bucks for a book I
> >>>want all the info to be there.
> >>>
> >>>I have no Employed tech backround but have been using this stuff for a
> >>>long time on a personal level.
> >>>
> >>>Someguy
> >>
> >>Congrats. A pass is a pass. I sailed through 70-290 thinking it was way
> >>too
> >>east and wound up with a 775.
> >>
> >>steve.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >

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