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From: Ken (
Date: 03/13/05

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    Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 23:48:57 -0800

    Yes it is hard. I also took the test and failed it. My
    reference book is sybex too and it I took a course for the
    2003 Maintenance. My score is just 612 and I do hope that
    I would be able to pass it next week. need to review more.

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    >It also took me 3 attempts to pass the exam. Try to
    >remember the questions and any you guessed or were unsure
    >of. The exams were pretty similat each time.
    >Good Luck
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    >>I just passed this test on my third try. Every time I
    >>took a test, it showed a different area that I had a
    >>weakness in so I don't think they are that accurate.
    >>the most part the best thing to do is read the entire
    >>Microsoft Press Book and do not skip any areas. Setup
    >>your evaluation server either by purchasing another
    >>computer or dual booting. The test are definitly
    >>harder from the windows 2000 days. Good luck all.
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    >><> prattled
    >>>ceaslessly in news:D735EF0A-B209-4ED6-8987-
    >>>> So I took the 70-290 test this morning and failed
    >>a score of 568.
    >>>> I studied the book and passing Transcenders at
    >>consistently over 90%.
    >>>> Have anyone else experienced the same? On some of
    >>questions, I
    >>>> don't even remember seeing in the book... Any
    >>suggestions of other
    >>>> studying materials? I've just Exam Cram, MSCA Self
    >>Paced Training
    >>>> Kit, and Sybex and Trascenders...
    >>>Did you read the additional reading suggested in the
    >>Readiness and Review
    >>>section of your MS Press book? Most of it is available
    >>online at
    >>>Microsoft's site.
    >>>aka Pu$$y Feet
    >>>BS, MCP
    >>>MCNGP #43
    >>>"Eat your cereal with a fork and do your homework in

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