Failed 70-290 again!

From: Dennis Donahoe (
Date: 03/12/05

Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 07:19:19 -0800

Don't feel lonely folks...I've passed 13 of 15 MS tests
on the first attempt but failed 290 Friday. the only
other one I failed on the first try was Designing SQL
which I had to take 3 times. I just found an old
Upgrading to 2000 book that covers some of the material
in greater depth than the MSPress or Exam Cram2. For 291
I'm getting both the Sybex and MSpress books. I used that
combination and passed the 270,271 and 272 all last week.
Of course I'm STILL unemployed with an MCSE+I NT, MCDBA,
A+ and MCDST......

>-----Original Message-----
>One word: DAMMIT!
>Ah well, good thing this second shot offer came up! I'll
take the next one
>for free so at least I haven't lost anything. As soon as
I pass (if I ever
>manage to pass, that is ;-) I can claim back the initial
exam fee from work,
>so I'll get my money back if I pass next time.
>So, to the exam. I failed with a score of 634 (612 on
the first attempt).
>This *really* annoyed me, because I know that I know
this stuff, and I
>really thought I had done much better than last time. I
was answering many
>more questions and feeling sure of the answer rather
than just 85% sure
>which is what I did last time. The fact that I have
improved my score by
>such a small amount is so disheartening.
>Unfortunately the way the some of the questions were
worded had me going
>back and changing between answers several times because
I couldn't decide.
>It was like, the answer could be A or B, depending on X
but they don't
>mention X in the question. I also dislike the way they
say 'with the least
>administrative effort' because that implies that you
have to choose the
>quickest way and not necessarily the best.
>So anyway, I might buy another book before retaking it.
I'm currently
>working from the Sybex text and I'm not really impressed
with the quality of
>the content when compared to the Microsoft text I have
for 70-270.
>Yours deflatedly,
>Chris M.