Re: Exam 70-292

From: Grasshopper (
Date: 03/07/05

Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 14:56:08 +1100

Well, I'm glad to say that today I passed this exam ! It was harder than my
first one though I managed to pass with a score of 700 !

This exam had loads more DNS questions than my previous one and alot more
difficult question overall. It seems Microsoft is really getting tough now,
you could not pass this exam without the use of a Windows 2003 server, and
you want it installed with everything imaginable. Now what services run what
and know your DNS,IIS & TS backwards.

I'm glad that one is over, now onto 70-296 !

"Grasshopper" <> wrote in message
>I like others out there took exam 70-292 today and FAILED with a score of
>500 ! It's the first exam I have ever failed !
> I got through the first 30 or so questions with out too much drama
> although the last 10 were a killer.
> I suggest you know the following topics backwards
> * IIS Troubleshooting
> * DNS - All of it, Stub zones, conditional forwarders, zone transfers,
> everything. (I believe this goes beyond the scope of the exam on some
> questions)
> * Terminal Services ( I also believe this exam goes beyond the scope of
> the exam with TS. I was getting questions on configuring server farms etc
> which I would have thought is more for the 70-296 exam)
> * Security Templates & GPOs. Know what effect different built-in templates
> have on such clients as 98,ME & NT
> You need to know MSUS & MBSA but I find them piss easy.
> I used the Sybex book for this exam and found it OK, though I really think
> you need the hands on experience which I thought I could pass this one
> without really touching my server. I will be playing on it over the
> weekend to concentrate on those areas I have just mentioned.
> Also, thankfully, Microsoft is offering a free 2nd shot on exams until May
> 31st, 2005. This means I get to resit the exam for free ! Check out the
> details at
> Hope this helps. Good Luck all.
> Grasshopper
> MCSE NT/2000, MCSA 2000