Exam 70-292

From: Grasshopper (grasshopper_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 03/03/05

Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 15:36:03 +1100

I like others out there took exam 70-292 today and FAILED with a score of
500 ! It's the first exam I have ever failed !

I got through the first 30 or so questions with out too much drama although
the last 10 were a killer.

I suggest you know the following topics backwards

* IIS Troubleshooting

* DNS - All of it, Stub zones, conditional forwarders, zone transfers,
everything. (I believe this goes beyond the scope of the exam on some

* Terminal Services ( I also believe this exam goes beyond the scope of the
exam with TS. I was getting questions on configuring server farms etc which
I would have thought is more for the 70-296 exam)

* Security Templates & GPOs. Know what effect different built-in templates
have on such clients as 98,ME & NT

You need to know MSUS & MBSA but I find them piss easy.

I used the Sybex book for this exam and found it OK, though I really think
you need the hands on experience which I thought I could pass this one
without really touching my server. I will be playing on it over the weekend
to concentrate on those areas I have just mentioned.

Also, thankfully, Microsoft is offering a free 2nd shot on exams until May
31st, 2005. This means I get to resit the exam for free ! Check out the
details at www.microsoft.com/learning

Hope this helps. Good Luck all.

MCSE NT/2000, MCSA 2000

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