RE: Prometric or Vue on 70-292?

From: Do_B_Brief (
Date: 02/28/05

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 12:55:09 -0800

So far, I have not seen any success stories about this one yet.

I failed with a score of 650 which seems to be about the norm for everyone.

There some that have very low scores.

Not too sure if they have split the subjects up where you have to pass each
topic to pass the exam, and say get asked 2 questions on one topic, get one
wrong which is 500 then you fail the exam!

Mayve Microsoft woulf like to shed some light on this one?

BTW - Thompson Prometric and my screen locked up twice - all 15" of it!

"sb" wrote:

> How many people have failed 70-292 using prometric?
> How many have passed?
> How many people have failed 70-922 using VUE?
> How many have passed?
> Do your tests freeze up in prometric?