Re: 70-210 done now 215 or 290?

From: MikeF (
Date: 02/28/05

Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 19:07:57 -0500

"Huddleston" <> wrote in message

> If you are still just an NT 4.0 MCSE, taking the 70-215 exam is not a bad
> move, especially given the fact many companies have not moved to 2003 yet.

I agree. But learning 03 will include most of what's in 2K. Learning 03
pretty much means learning 2K. And going the 03 route will make sure you
are up to date on XP, because it uses features in XP not present in 2K Pro
and thus not used in 2K Server.

Of course, despite what I say, going thru 2K can't hurt. I guess in the end
it depends on the time you have available, what you see as your most
immediate target opportunities, and the route you think will be easiest.
Easy is good :}

btw, thnks for your reply to my ping Florida question. I have a friend on
the west coast (where you seem to be from the server addy in your post) and
he loves it. I've been thinking about it, but am a bit scared of the
salaries I see in online job posts. An extreme example, one place in
Jacksonville (not my heart's desire) was looking for an MCSE, CCNA and
something else, with at least five yrs experience, including Exchange admin,
and was offering $12-$15 per hour. I sent the guy an email asking if that
were a typo. He replied, "No, that's not a typo. That's the rate." I
didn't think there was much more to discuss.


> "MF" <> wrote in message
> > as to your last question: you never know what employers think. their
> > needs
> > are almost infinitely variable, as is their degree of rationality.
> >
> > as to what i take to me your main question: yes, it is the case. 2K is
> > getting old. go straight to 2003. for the most part, 2003 embraces and
> > extends 2000, so if you concentrate on 03 your only problem will be
> > finding
> > out that you can't do something in 2K. Whereas if you concentrate on
> > you'll need to learn new stuff for 03. straight to 03 is the ticket.